Understanding generation gap


Our parents had a different background that made them to raise us much differently than how we are going to raise our children. Applying the methods that our parents used to raise us on our children may backfire or alienate us from our children. It is imperative that we parents adopt and learn to raise our children in the way that suites the current generation. However, the basic tenets of raising our children would remain the same; they are inculcating discipline, responsibility, honesty, truthfulness, to name a few.

Insatiable curiosity is another name for children. Parents must encourage their children to explore and learn. When children given free hand to explore, parents should be equally prepared to answer their questions. Indeed, this not only makes us to learn continuously to provide proper explanation to our child’s queries, but also makes us knowledgeable in the process. Moreover, this develops stronger bond with our children since our children look up to us for any help. Developing this kind of bond is essential to keep our children on the right track to their adulthood.

Rising Children


Children can bring great joy into our lives. Raising them can be a true pleasure. However, there may be times, when they are not so pleasurable. During those times, they become the teacher and we become students. Moreover, our parents too had this issue when we are small children. It is only the role reversal this time. Nonetheless, every new generation is different since the children are smarter than their parents are. This demands parents to understand their children in the new perspective setting aside their preconceived notions of how their parents raised them.

Encouraging curiosity

Encouraging the artist in your child